The Deal

So what’s the deal?

Blue Dog Events is a fully-insured, State-certified gaming provider. Our staff is friendly, professional, and really know their stuff. We are happy to help you raise money for your organization and make sure you have fun in the process. Hosting a Blue Dog tournament is easy.  Here’s how it works.

Book your event on our calendar

Include as much information as you can, like the location of your tournament, what time you want it to start, your name and contact information, etc.

Make some decisions

Where will your event be? How much do you want to charge your players? How much will you charge for re-buys and add-ons? (These are additional money-making opportunities that keep your players in the game.) We can help you make these decisions. We even have a handy worksheet that lets you test amounts and shows your likely income. Try it here.

Take care of logistics

Secure your event space. Make sure you have enough chairs (because we can’t bring those). Create a flyer. Order catering (if you feel like it).

Get certified with the State

This is simpler than it sounds. The State requires that non-profit organizations certify their fundraising events. To get started, click here to visit their website. The State likes this to be taken care of at least a month before your event. We love to help, but please realize that it is the host organization’s responsibility to obtain State certification.

Promote, promote, promote

Tell everyone you know that you’re having a poker tournament to raise funds for your organization. Tell them it will be awesome. Tell them to bring their friends. Tell your dentist, co-workers, insurance agent, neighbors, your insurance agent’s neighbors – you get the idea. Have each person in your organization sell tickets.

Keep in touch

Send us an email, or call, a week before your event and let us know how many players you expect, so we’ll be ready. Your event fee will be based on the number of players you have one week prior to the event, unless the actual number of players is greater.


We recommend you have someone available to check people in and collect entry fees. Aside from that, we’ll take care of everything at the event. By the end of the night, you’ll be counting the profits and looking forward to the next tournament. We’re here for you. Let us know any questions you have. Our number one goal is making you happy, so don’t be shy.  Shoot us an email at anytime. We promise we’ll get right back to you.